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How to Give Temporary Administrator Access in WordPress

by Sorin Marta

In the ever-evolving landscape of website management, granting temporary administrator access to WordPress is crucial for many site owners and developers.

You can always learn how to add a new administrator traditionally.

However, secure temporary access is paramount for troubleshooting, site development, or maintenance.

This comprehensive guide will explore methods to grant temporary administrator access in WordPress, including using a specialized plugin, “Temporary Login Without Password”, and manual methods.

We aim to ensure that your WordPress site remains secure while allowing necessary temporary access.

Why Temporary Administrator Access is Important

Temporary administrator access to WordPress is essential for several reasons. Site owners can grant developers or support staff access without compromising long-term WordPress security.

This access is critical for troubleshooting, custom development, or periodic maintenance tasks.

By ensuring this access is temporary, site owners can maintain control over their website and protect it from unauthorized long-term access.

Method 1: Using a Plugin

Using “Temporary Login Without Password”

One of the most secure and efficient ways to grant temporary administrator access is the “Temporary Login Without Password” plugin.

This plugin creates secure, self-expiring login links, eliminating the need for sharing passwords.


  • No Password Required: Generate login links without setting a password.
  • Custom Roles and Expiration: Assign roles and customize the access duration.
  • Auto-Expiration: Logins automatically expire, enhancing security.
  • Management and Notifications: Manage all logins from the dashboard and receive email alerts.

Steps to Use the Plugin

1 – Install and Activate: Find and install the plugin via the WordPress dashboard.

2 – Create a Temporary Login: Create a new temporary login in the Users section, specifying the role and duration.

3 – Distribute the Login Link: Share the generated URL with the intended user.

4 – Manage Temporary Logins: Regularly check and manage active logins for security.

Method 2: Manually Creating a Temporary Admin Account

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach or wish to avoid installing additional plugins, manually creating a temporary admin account is a viable option.

Steps for Manual Creation

1 – Create a New User: Add a new user via the WordPress dashboard, filling in the necessary details.

2 – Assign Administrator Role: Set the user role to Administrator.

3 – Share Details Securely: Provide the login credentials to the temporary admin.

4 – Set a Reminder for Removal: It is important to remember to revoke access post-completion.

5 – Remove Access: Delete or downgrade the account once the task is completed.

Best Practices for Temporary Administrator Access

Whether using a plugin or creating an account manually, certain best practices should be followed:

  • Limit Access Duration: Grant access only for the required duration.
  • Regular Monitoring: Closely watch active temporary logins and their activities.
  • Trust Factor: Grant access only to individuals you trust, especially for administrative roles.
  • Backup: Always back up your site before providing access.


Granting temporary administrator access to WordPress is a necessary and sometimes inevitable part of managing a website. Using plugins like “Temporary Login Without Password” or manually creating temporary accounts allows site owners to maintain control and security over their site.

Remember to follow best practices, limit the duration of access, and monitor activity. Implementing these methods ensures that your WordPress site remains secure, functional, and accessible only to those you trust.


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