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How to Import Content in WordPress

by Sorin Marta

Are you looking to migrate your site? Or perhaps you are looking to clone your content on another site. Or, for some unknown reason, you want to copy your content elsewhere.

Let’s see how you can do that!

Export the content

1 – In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Tools and click on Export

2 – Either leave All content ticked, or if you would like to pick which part of your content to export, you can select it using the radio buttons below and after that, click on Download Export File

3 – Save the file somewhere on your machine

Import the content

1 – In your WordPress dashboard, hover over Tools and click on Import

2 – On the page that opens at the bottom of the table, there should be a section called WordPress. Click on Install Now button from that section

3 – After a little wait, the page should update and look something like this. Now you have to press on Run Importer in the same WordPress section

4 – On the page that shows up select the new author of the content and select if you’d like to Download and import file attachments. If you’d like the import process to download the target site, the featured images or assets within the articles.

5 – At the end, you should see a confirmation page that shows you which posts were imported


With that, your target site should now have a copy of the content from the origin site.


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