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How to Change the Author of a Post in WordPress

by Sorin Marta

If you want to change a post’s author, look no further!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to do that in the block editor and the classic editor.

Edit The Post

1 – Click on Posts in your dashboard

2 – Click on the Edit button of the post you are looking to edit

Block Editor

1 – You should now see the sidebar on the right side of the page. In the first part of the sidebar, you should see the author section

2 – You can click on the field, and then you will be able to select the new author of the post

3 – You can end the process by publishing the article, and you are good to go 👍

Classic Editor

1 – Press on Screen Options at the top of the page

2 – Look for the Author field and enable it

3 – Scroll down until you see a section with the title of Author

4 – Click on the dropdown and select the new author

5 – Publish the changes


You should now be able to update your post’s author when necessary.


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